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mella’s Dominican Hair Salon

July 26, 2023

Step into the world of sheer beauty at Mella’s Dominican Hair Salon, a premier hair salon tucked away in Damascus, MD. This beauty hub is a sanctuary for everyone, from ladies looking to transform their look to young girls stepping into the world of styling. Here, the magic of style is unleashed by the skilled hands of Mella herself. With accessibility as a top priority, the salon provides wheelchair-accessible parking, ensuring comfort for all.

The services offered are beyond commendable and the Salon goes an extra mile with an array of payment options that include NFC mobile payments, credit cards, and debit cards. The establishment ensures top-notch hygiene with clean, maintained restrooms.

The Salon opens its welcoming doors from 10:00 to 18:30 from Monday to Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday. Over the weekend, the working hours are from 09:00 to 16:00. The exact address is 26052 STE B, Woodfield Rd #20872-2041, Damascus, MD 20872, USA. For more information, they can be reached at +12402073312.


  1. A haven of professional excellence! Mella’s touch transformed my hair completely. Highly recommend!
  2. Great spot for a quick hairstyle fix. Convenient mobile payments, plus wheelchair-friendly parking!
  3. Always a pleasure visiting Mella’s Salon. Friendly staff, clean facilities, and fantastic services.
  4. The salon’s service was adequate, not extraordinary. However, the staff was very polite.
  5. Mella’s Salon was clean and the staff was friendly. Services were good but can be improved.


Q: What are the working hours on weekends?

A: The salon is open from 09:00 to 16:00 on weekends.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: They accept NFC mobile payments, credit cards, and debit cards.