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July 20, 2023

Living in an apartment has its unique blend of benefits and drawbacks. On the positive side, apartment living often comes with a host of amenities. Many modern complexes offer gyms, pools, and community spaces that foster a sense of belonging. Proximity to city centers can also make for a more vibrant lifestyle, with easy access to entertainment and services. On the other hand, noise from neighbors can potentially disrupt your peace, and the lack of privacy and personal outdoor space may be a deal-breaker for some. Rent increases are also a common issue, making long-term budget planning tricky. While some people find apartment living ideal, especially in their younger years or as seniors, others prefer the quiet and independence of a standalone home. Ultimately, the choice hinges on one’s lifestyle preferences and needs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Various types of apartments available, from studios to 3-bedroom apartments, which can cater to different accommodation needs.Rental prices are relatively high, ranging from $3,123 to $13,313 per month.
The property is situated in a convenient location in Manhattan, with access to public transportation.The cost of living in Manhattan can be quite high compared to other areas.
The building features a number of amenities, including a gym, pool, library, and children’s play areas.There may be additional costs associated with using these amenities not included in the rent.
Offers useful on-site services such as laundry facilities, concierge, and package service.Availability of certain services may vary and may not always be available.
The building has a 24-hour access policy, which can be convenient for those with irregular schedules.There may be restrictions as to quiet hours, which could be a problem for those who work non-traditional hours.
A variety of services and retail shops are on-site.There could be noise or additional traffic associated with these shops.
On-site maintenance and on-site property manager can facilitate problem-solving or issues.There might be wait time for maintenance issue resolutions.
The property is pet-friendly, which is a big plus for pet lovers.There may be restrictions as to pet breeds or sizes, and additional charges for pets may apply.
The building provides a free shuttle bus service, which could facilitate transportation.Depending on the shuttle service’s schedules and routes, it may not be convenient for all residents.

Questions and answer

Q: Does the apartment come furnished?

  • A: While some apartments do come furnished, it often depends on the specific unit and landlord. It’s best to clarify this before signing a lease.

Q: Are pets allowed in the apartment?

  • A: Every apartment has different rules regarding pets. Some may allow them, while others do not. It’s crucial to confirm the pet policy before moving in.

Q: What utilities are included in the rent?

  • A: This varies from apartment to apartment. Some might include all utilities in the rent, while others may only cover certain ones, like water and trash removal.

Q: Is there a parking space included?

  • A: Some apartments provide parking spaces for residents, either included in the rent or for an additional fee. This should be clarified with the landlord or management company.

Q: What amenities does the apartment complex offer?

  • A: Amenities vary widely depending on the apartment. Common amenities might include a gym, pool, laundry facilities, common areas, and more.

Q: How close is the apartment to public transportation?

  • A: The proximity to public transportation can be a significant factor, especially for those without a vehicle. You can usually find this information online or ask the landlord directly.

Q: Are there laundry facilities in the apartment or the building?

  • A: Some apartments have in-unit laundry facilities, while others have shared facilities in the building. It’s essential to confirm this beforehand.

Q: Is there a security system in place?

  • A: Many apartments have security measures like cameras, security guards, or alarm systems. However, it’s important to confirm the specifics with the landlord or management company.


SecurityThis might include security guards, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, electronic locks, etc.
MaintenanceMany apartments offer maintenance and repair services as part of your rental agreement.
GymSome apartments have onsite gyms for residents to use.
PoolIn some cases, apartments may have a community pool.
Common AreasThese can include meeting rooms, party lounges, communal courtyards, and gardens.
LaundrySome apartments offer onsite laundry facilities or even in-unit washer/dryer.
ConciergeIn some high-end apartments, concierge services may be offered.
ParkingThis could be in a garage or a designated parking area.
UtilitiesIn some cases, certain utilities such as water, trash, heat, etc., may be included in the rent.
Internet and Cable TVIn some cases, these might also be included in the rent or available for an additional fee.
Close Public Transportation AccessAlthough not a direct service of the apartment, proximity to public transportation options is often a valuable feature of living in an apartment, especially in cities.

It’s important to clarify what services are included before signing a rental agreement for an apartment.

This modern, spacious apartment offers a high-quality living experience in a prime city location. It boasts an open floor plan with a living area, dining space, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The two-bedroom layout is perfect for a family or a group of friends. It provides comfort, convenience, and a private balcony to enjoy city views. The building includes a host of amenities, such as a gym, swimming pool, and 24-hour security.