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Tommy’s Bait and More

October 2, 2023

Immerse yourself in the premier destination for fishing enthusiasts at Tommy’s Bait and More. This haven in Rockport, TX, offers an impressive selection tailored to the needs of both novices and experts. With a friendly staff, a clean store, and reasonable prices, Tommy’s stands out as a leader in its niche. What sets them apart? Their commitment to convenience with extended opening hours and a smooth payment system, accepting both credit and debit cards. Moreover, the ambiance is inviting – devoid of the overpowering scent one might expect from a bait shop. Their diverse product range includes fresh shrimp, assorted fishing tackle, and a variety of live, dead, and frozen baits. And if you’re after something specific they don’t have? They’re always eager to point you in the right direction. Visit Tommy’s for an unmatched experience.

Services Offered:

  • In-store Shopping
  • Home Delivery


  • Wheelchair Accessible Parking


  • Quick Visit

Payment Methods:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards

Location & Hours:

Located at 320 Veterans Memorial Dr, Rockport, TX 78382, United States. For more specifics on store hours, contact them directly at +13612306275.

Customer Reviews:

  1. “A regular stop for me! The staff is so welcoming, and the store is spotless. They’re open late and the only bait shop in town that takes credit cards!” – James R.
  2. “Exceptional service! They go above and beyond in sharing their local fishing expertise.” – Sarah L.
  3. “Love their dedication to providing the best fresh shrimp. Will definitely recommend and visit again!” – Mike C.
  4. “Good place. The smell isn’t overpowering like most bait shops.” – Anna P.
  5. “I wish they had a larger tackle selection, but their bait variety is commendable.” – Gary S.


  • Q: Do they have live baits? A: Absolutely! They offer a range of live, dead, and frozen baits.
  • Q: Can I get my purchase delivered? A: Yes, they provide home delivery options for your convenience.
  • Q: What’s the parking situation? A: The store features wheelchair accessible parking for its customers.
  • Q: Do they accept credit cards? A: Indeed, they accept both credit and debit cards for payments.
  • Q: Are they open in the evenings? A: Yes, Tommy’s offers extended hours. It’s best to call them for specific timings.