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Karate for Kids / Success Now Martial Arts

July 26, 2023

Located in Darien, IL, Karate for Kids / Success Now Martial Arts is a popular choice for parents and kids alike. They specialize in teaching martial arts in a unique, engaging and approachable way, making the classes both fun and informative. Besides the physical training, students are also provided with valuable life lessons.

Their instructors are renowned for their commitment and ability to make everyone feel special. Training at this establishment is not just about acquiring martial art skills, but also about being part of a bigger community. Their open-hearted reception of new members and warmth towards the families of the students is what distinguishes them in this sector.

The school operates from Monday to Thursday and on Saturday. The facility is open from 09:00 to 11:00 and 15:30 to 20:30 on selected weekdays and 09:00 to 12:00 on Saturday. It is located at 7516 S Cass Ave Unit 22, Darien, IL 60561, USA. You can reach them at +16302711200 for any inquiries.

Services offered include:

  1. Regular Karate Classes for Kids
  2. Special Black Belt Club training
  3. Community events and celebrations


  1. “My daughters absolutely love their classes. The instructors are the best!”
  2. “It’s tough but worth it. Some of the best instructors in the area!”
  3. “This place is amazing! Warm welcome from the beginning. The instructors have been wonderful.”
  4. “They really made it fun and exciting for the younger participants. I highly recommend them.”
  5. “Recently moved to the village next door. Very happy to find Karate for Kids!”

Questions and Answers:

Q: Do they offer trial classes?

A: Yes, they offer a free first lesson.

Q: What are their opening hours?

A: They operate from Monday to Thursday and Saturday, with various hours.

Q: Do they accommodate wheelchairs?

A: Yes, they have wheelchair-accessible entrance and parking.

Q: What age group do they cater to?

A: They cater to a variety of age groups, including kids as young as four.