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Global Locksmith

October 2, 2023

When it comes to locksmith services in Los Angeles, Global Locksmith is a name that stands out. With a stellar rating of 4.6 out of 5, this establishment is known for its first-class locksmith installation. The experts here not only have a commendable knowledge of security locks, but they also offer impressive automobile locksmith services. Whether it’s an emergency or a routine check, their efficiency never disappoints. Their professionalism is coupled with a friendly approach, making them a highly recommended service provider. Their skill set is notable, and their attention to detail is commendable.

Services Offered:

  • First-class locksmith installation
  • Security lock expertise
  • Automobile locksmith services
  • Emergency locksmith services

Hours & Location:

Located at 11700 Barrington Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA, Global Locksmith offers their services round the clock. They are open 24 hours, every day of the week.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: +12135681077


  • “Fantastic service! Their knowledge on security locks is truly impressive.” – James
  • “Had an emergency with my car lock, and they were prompt and efficient. Highly recommend!” – Sarah
  • “Top-notch locksmith services. They’re always there when you need them.” – Carlos
  • “Good service, but they took a bit longer than expected during my last visit.” – Vanessa
  • “Wish they had more options for modern lock designs. But quality-wise, no complaints.” – Michelle


Q: Do they offer services outside of Los Angeles? A: Their primary location is in Los Angeles, but it’s best to call and inquire about specific service areas.

Q: What’s the waiting time for emergency services? A: Most reviews indicate a prompt response, but it might vary depending on the time and location.

Q: Are there any additional charges for midnight services? A: They offer 24-hour services, but for specific pricing details, one should contact them directly.