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Coria Ohana Therapeutic Massage

March 11, 2023

Coria Ohana Therapeutic Massage is a professional massage therapy business located at 354 Uluniu St Suite 404A in Kailua, Hawaii. They offer a variety of massage services including therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, Lomi Lomi massage, prenatal massage, reflexology, aromatherapy massage, sports massage, and couples massage.Clients have left positive reviews, with one saying they had an excellent experience and have already returned twice.

They praised Sterling, the massage therapist, for his unparalleled skill and strength, as well as his easygoing and professional demeanor. They highly recommend him to anyone looking for optimal recovery after an active lifestyle.The office is small but clean and comfortable, and clients appreciate the knowledgeable and professional atmosphere.

Coria Ohana Therapeutic Massage has a cancellation policy requiring at least 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee. While tipping is not required, it is appreciated, and clients may leave a gratuity in cash or add it to their payment at checkout

Opening Hours:

DayOpening Hours

Services Offered:

Therapeutic MassageRelieves muscle tension, improves circulation and flexibility
Deep Tissue MassageTargets deep layers of muscles, ideal for chronic pain
Swedish MassageRelaxation massage, gentle strokes to improve circulation
Hot Stone MassageSmooth heated stones used to loosen muscles, relaxation
Lomi Lomi MassageHawaiian massage technique for relaxation and rejuvenation
Prenatal MassageDesigned for pregnant women to alleviate aches and pains
ReflexologyPressure applied to specific points on feet or hands
Aromatherapy MassageEssential oils added to massage for relaxation and healing
Sports MassageHelps athletes recover from injuries and improve performance
Couples MassageTwo people receive a massage at the same time

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: How should I prepare for my massage? A: You should arrive at least 10 minutes early to complete any necessary paperwork and use the restroom. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and avoid eating a heavy meal before your massage.
  • Q: What type of massage should I choose? A: It depends on your goals and preferences. Therapeutic massage is great for overall muscle tension, while deep tissue massage is ideal for chronic pain. Swedish massage is a good option for relaxation, while hot stone massage uses heated stones for added muscle relief.
  • Q: How often should I get a massage? A: It varies depending on your needs and lifestyle. Some people get massages once a month, while others may need them more frequently. Your therapist can help you determine the best frequency for your needs.

Contact Information:

  • Business Name: Coria Ohana Therapeutic Massage
  • Address: 354 Uluniu St Suite 404A, Kailua, HI 96734, United States
  • Phone Number: +18088007369