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Fernando Morales | Real Estate Agent | Better Homes and Gardens RE Champions

October 2, 2023

At Better Homes and Gardens RE Champions, Fernando Morales stands as a beacon of professionalism, trust, and knowledge in real estate. With years of dedication to his clients, Fernando has carved a niche for himself, establishing an unparalleled rapport with both first-time buyers and seasoned investors. His veteran entrepreneur spirit, coupled with his identity as a woman entrepreneur, showcases his diverse background and commitment. What’s more, his strong focus on accessibility, including wheelchair-friendly entrances and parking, underscores his inclusive approach. So, if you’re stepping into the real estate world, place your bets on Fernando – a true Real Estate Champion.

Services Offered:

  • Professional Real Estate Consultation
  • Knowledgeable Assistance for First-Time Buyers
  • Trusted Referrals for Home Remodeling
  • Expertise in Property Selection and Negotiation
  • Wheelchair Accessible Office and Parking

Location & Hours:

6370 Magnolia Ave STE 200, Riverside, CA 92506, USA Monday to Sunday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.


Phone: +19515220996


  1. “Fernando is a gem! His professionalism and vast knowledge made our home buying process smooth. Highly recommended!”
  2. “As first-time buyers, we were clueless. Thanks to Fernando, everything seemed effortless. His connections in the home improvement sector were a plus!”
  3. “Choosing Fernando for our home purchase was the best decision. Always available and prompt in his responses.”
  4. “Fernando is good, but I wish the office had more agents like him for faster service.”
  5. “I’ve had decent experiences with Fernando. He knows his stuff, but sometimes the property choices were limited.”


  1. Q: Is Fernando experienced with first-time home buyers? A: Absolutely! Fernando specializes in assisting first-time home buyers, making their journey seamless.
  2. Q: Does the office have wheelchair accessibility? A: Yes, both the entrance and the parking area are wheelchair accessible.
  3. Q: Can Fernando provide references for home remodeling? A: Indeed, he has trusted contacts who can cater to various remodeling needs.
  4. Q: How can I contact Fernando? A: You can reach him at +19515220996 during business hours.
  5. Q: Are weekend appointments available? A: Yes, Fernando is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., even on weekends.