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Lucas storage – personal storage

July 24, 2023

Lucas Storage is the ideal resource for anyone’s personal storage needs. This facility offers heated and cooled units, ensuring belongings are kept in ideal conditions. The 24/7 security and gated, fenced facilities provide peace of mind, knowing that stored items are well cared for. With moving supplies available on site and drive-up access, the storage process is a straightforward task for customers. Individual security codes offer an additional layer of protection for each storage unit.

Lucas Storage offers:

  • The ideal resource for personal storage needs.
  • Heated and cooled units that keep belongings in ideal conditions.
  • 24/7 security and a gated, fenced facility for added peace of mind.
  • Moving supplies available on-site.
  • Drive-up access to facilitate the storage process.
  • Individual security codes for additional protection.
  • Convenient location at 575 S. Angel Pkwy, Lucas, TX.
  • Small storage lockers for additional items.

Contact Information:

  1. Address: 575 S. Angel Pkwy, Lucas, TX, 75002
  2. Office Hours:
    • Monday – Saturday: 9am – 6pm
    • Sunday: 11am – 5pm
  3. Phone: 469.609.6997

Questions and Answers:

Q: Do they provide moving supplies? A: Yes, they offer boxes and other moving supplies.

Q: What are the office hours? A: The office is open Monday – Saturday: 9am – 6pm, Sunday: 11am – 5pm.

Q: Do they have small storage lockers? A: Yes, small storage lockers are available.

Q: Is there WiFi available on site? A: Yes, free WiFi is available at the facility.

Q: What are the security measures taken at Lucas Storage? A: They have 24/7 security cameras, gated and fenced facilities, and individual building security codes.

Lucas Storage cost table:

Unit SizeDetailsSpecialsMonthly Rent
5×5Lockers, Ground Floor, Indoors, Climate Controlled$31
5×5Climate Control, Ground Floor, Indoors, Climate Controlled25% off 4 months$38
5×5DriveUp Non-Climate, Ground Floor$58
5×10Climate Control, Ground Floor, Indoors, Climate Controlled$91
10×5Climate Control, Ground Floor, Indoors, Climate Controlled$96
5×15DriveUp Non-Climate, Ground Floor25% off 2 months$83
5×15Climate Control, Ground Floor, Indoors, Climate Controlled$116
10×10Climate Control, Ground Floor, Indoors, Climate Controlled$151
10×10DriveUp Non-Climate, Ground Floor25% off 2 months$113
10×15DriveUp Non-Climate, Ground Floor$191
10×15Climate Control, Ground Floor, Indoors, Climate Controlled$211