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Storage units

July 20, 2023

Transform Your Space with Incredible Storage Rooms

Do you feel like your home or business is overflowing with items that you can’t efficiently store? Are you stressed by seeing piles of boxes stacked in every corner? Let the chaos end. The perfect solution is within your reach: Personalized Storage Rooms.

Order in Your Life: A Matter of Space and Mind

Each item you own tells a story. A well-organized storage room can become a monument to these stories, without disturbing the harmony of your home or business.

Storage Units

  • Storage units are an essential and efficient solution for numerous space needs, whether for individuals requiring temporary storage during a move, or businesses needing to maintain their inventory. The utility and flexibility of storage units make them an incredibly valuable option in many situations.
  • Access to the unit is usually straightforward, often allowing customers to access their belongings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The facilities are typically well-lit and maintain rigorous cleanliness, ensuring that stored items are kept in good condition.


  • Before renting a storage unit, evaluate your needs, consider security, and organize your belongings efficiently for easy access

Flexibility and Design

The storage rooms adapt to your needs. They offer a variety of sizes and configurations so that you always find the perfect option.

  • Small (1m x 1m) – Ideal for archiving documents or storing small items.
  • Medium (2m x 2m) – Perfect for storing seasonal items or small furniture.
  • Large (3m x 3m) – Ideal for storing all the contents of a small house.
  • Custom – They design a room tailored to your needs.

Security and Accessibility

  • The security of your belongings is a priority. All storage rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems. In addition, they guarantee access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Comfort in Every Inch

Getting more space has never been so easy. They offer short and long term rental options, with the option to expand or reduce your space at any time.

In summary, storage rooms are more than just a space to store things. They become a second home for those items you appreciate but can’t always keep in sight. Organize your life and discover the tranquility a storage room can provide you.

Common types of storage rooms:

Storage TypeDescription
Personal StorageIdeal for personal items, such as furniture, appliances, boxes of documents, etc.
Vehicle StorageDesigned for storing vehicles such as cars, boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles.
Climate-Controlled StorageProvides temperature and humidity control to protect weather-sensitive items.
Student StorageShort-term storage services for students during school holidays.

Personal storage rooms

This type of storage is highly flexible, allowing one to store a variety of personal items while providing security and accessibility. However, it might require regular organization to maximize space.


  • They might consider using shelves and storage boxes to efficiently organize their belongings.

Approximate dimensions of personal storage room:

  • Personal storage units typically vary in size from small (5×5 feet or 1.5×1.5 meters) to large (10×30 feet or 3×9 meters). These units are recommended for individuals who need extra space to store personal items, ranging from boxes of documents to furniture.

Advantages and disadvantages of personal storage room:

Storage TypeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Personal StorageFlexibility to store a variety of personal items, security, and accessibility.May require regular organization to maximize spac

Vehicle storage rooms

Vehicle storage provides a safe and protected place for vehicles not regularly used. However, the costs can be high for indoor or climate-controlled storage.


  • They could consider covering their vehicle with a sturdy cover if they choose outdoor storage to protect it from weather conditions.

Approximate dimensions of the Vehicle Storage:

  • Vehicle storage size will depend on the type of vehicle. Units can be as small as 10×15 feet (3×4.5 meters) for compact cars, up to 10×30 feet (3×9 meters) for larger vehicles like boats or RVs. It’s a good option for protecting valuable vehicles from the elements and wear over time.

Advantages and disadvantages in vehicle storage rooms:

Storage TypeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Vehicle StorageProvides a safe and protected place for vehicles not regularly used.Costs can be high for indoor or climate-controlled storage.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage protects weather-sensitive items, such as musical instruments, art, and wine. However, it is more expensive than traditional personal storage.


  • Using this type of storage only for those items that truly require controlled climatic conditions might be worthwhile.

Approximate dimensions for Climate-Controlled Storage:

  • These units can also vary in size, much like personal storage units. They are an excellent choice for weather-sensitive items such as musical instruments, art, and wine.

Advantages and disadvantages for Climate-Controlled Storage:

Storage TypeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Climate-Controlled StorageProtects weather-sensitive items, such as musical instruments, art, and wine.More expensive than traditional personal storage.

Student Storage

Student storage provides a short-term solution for students when they are out of school. However, it is not useful for long-term storage needs.


  • Planning the duration of their storage to avoid unnecessary charges could be beneficial.

Approximate dimensions in student storage rooms:

  • These units are typically smaller, often 5×5 feet (1.5×1.5 meters) or 5×10 feet (1.5×3 meters), to accommodate student needs. They are a great option for students needing a place to store their belongings during school breaks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Student Storage Rooms:

Storage TypeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Student Storage Provides a short-term solution for students when they are out of school.Not useful for long-term storage needs.

Approximate costs for storage rooms:

Storage typeEstimated monthly cost
Personal Storage$50 – $200
Vehicle Storage$45 (abroad) – $450 (air-conditioned interior)
Climate-Controlled Storage$75 – $225
Student Storage$40 – $100

In conclusion, storage units serve as a versatile solution to a variety of needs. Each type has its unique advantages, and it is essential for one to evaluate their individual needs before selecting the most suitable option. At the end of the day, the right storage can offer effective organization and protection for one’s valuable items, providing peace of mind and security.